Flax Company

Flax company is constantly developing and creating safely products (dermatological tested) based on herbs and natural active agents (ingredients). Flax combined tradition and scientific research and became one of the leading companies in Greece to produce natural cosmetic products, by using olive tree ingredients (extract leaves & kernels).

Furthermore, the company uses a variety of other natural elements found in Greece and Mediterranean.

High quality standards guarantee products that are safe for everyday use, without extravagant and misleading statements.

Mythos Olive Tree Cosmetics

Mythos line was designed on the base of olive fruit (olea europea).

Combining it with a large variety of herbs & fruits, we created an intergrated line of products, which exploit all the especial properties of their natural active ingredients.

In the new generation of Mythos products we have innovated by creating:


Science and Nature in Harmony!

Discover Semeli, a unique collection of highly effective natural skin care products from Greece. Every beneficial formula offers deep hydration and rejuvenation for the face, body and hair. Fight the signs of time naturally.

Our rich earth provides the precious gift of organic, first-pressed Greek olive oil. Since ancient times, Homer's "liquid gold" has been used for daily care of body, both inside and out. Olive oil is scientifically proven to be a powerful humectant and antioxidant that hydrates, tones and protects. Modern lifestyles and environmental aggressions dehydrate and oxidize the skin, resulting in premature aging, lack of radiance, and diminishing elasticity. Semeli provides the answer for healthy, balanced skin.

The ingredients of our products are chosen for purity, clarity and quality.

With organic, first-pressed Greek olive oil in every drop, Semeli delivers antioxidants and vitamins to the skin for suppleness and restored moisture with long-lasting effect. In combination with a selection of botanical extracts, each Semeli formula becomes an affective anti-aging treatment.

The ingredients of Semeli products are chosen for purity, clarity and quality.

The Olive Oil is selected from best Greek organically cultivated olive groves fro Crete. The herbal extracts, when possible, come from organic farming. Does not contain animal origin ingredients. Does not contain petrolatum, mineral oils & Propylene Glycol, does not contain the PARAPBEN type synthetic preservatives. Allergen free fragrances.

Ancient Aegean Beauty Truths Introducing Mastic Spa

Mastic Spa – the only cosmetic line based on mastic, a timeless and treasured Greek wonder ingredient that for centuries has provided those in the know with astonishing health and beauty benefits – has arrived in the United States with a comprehensive range of effective and unique natural beauty products.

Mastic Spa is a one of a kind company – a product of both tradition and the latest research. The key ingredient to every product made by Mastic Spa is mastic, a legendary substance in Greece, which has been celebrated for centuries.

Mastic is the legendary and mysterious elixir that seeps from the mastic tree, found in the southern region of the Greek Aegean island Chios, and nowhere else in the world.

Mastic has been known since Antiquity for its medicinal properties and for its therapeutic benefits for the skin. Thanks to modern scientific research, we now have a better understanding of how mastic works its magic.

Mastic Spa products range from the very first product and best seller Masticdent toothpaste to luxurious shampoos, fragrant and colorful bath and body treatments and effective facial skincare. Mastic has been scientifically proven to have strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In combination with other natural ingredients, mastic oil provides superior cleansing, hydrates skin and hair, slows the effects of aging on the face, aids in the healing of burns and scars, and protects the teeth and gums.

Tact Beauty Care invites you to embark on a journey around the world to discover traditional beauty treasures from different cultures. Come on board and explore our international destinations to Greece, France, India and Brazil through their local plants, herbs, textures and aromas. Olive oil from Greece, Lavender from France, Ginger & Spices from India, Cocoa and Amazon plants from Brazil provide your body and hair the balanced and delicate care they deserve.

Discover Tact Bio Olive Tree Scin Care

Born of a true passion for nature, this unique organic face line truly cares for your skin!

Precious ingredients, untouched in their purity, like organic Olive Tree extracts, floral waters and organic plant extracts are carefully selected in this line for their abilities not only to care for and respect your skin but also to deliver results against premature ageing and dehydration.

Yoghurt Probiotics, a breakthrough ingredient, unique to this line, contributes to better cellular respiration and collagen production revealing beautiful, healthy looking skin.


140 Years of Heritage

In 1870, on the olive tree - rich, Greek island of Lesvos, Dimitris Papoutsanis set out to build the first steam engine powered olive oil pressing factory. That factory wasn’t made just to produce olive oil of the finest quality... A small portion of this humble yet precious ingredient, was saved to produce pure olive oil soap  that was second to none. This marked the birth of a Company with a history of more than 140 years...


Based on Pure Olive Oil, Paraben Free

The Olive tree, that for thousands of years now is presenting to the world its precious gifts, today it is presenting us with the gift of beauty. Olivia beauty range of natural products, is rich in pure olive oil and olive oil extracts which uniquely nourish, hydrate and revitalize hair and skin. Olivia is an everyday luxury made by nature and brought to the world by Papoutsanis.