who we are

Our concern  is your health and beauty benefits, so we carefully select pure extra virgin olive oil from olives produced by Greek farmers to use as a foundation for our natural cosmetics. At OliveOilSpa.com we provide you with the opportunity to choose from a variety of high quality olive oil products by a selection of companies saving you time and giving you the chance to directly compare in a fast and simple way prices, packaging and ingredients, thus avoiding unnecessary visits to the shops.

Most importantly you have the guarantee of OlivesOilSpa.com choice.
We test, compare and only choose the best natural products from each collection.
We can ensure a cost saving delivery method using the special packaging of OlivesOilSpa.com.
To show you our appreciation for your decision to choose us we reward you with unique privileges, offers and gifts.

And it does not end there...
At OliveOilSpa.com our philosophy is our life style - a life style that respects the environment, appreciates nature and all that the beauty of Greece has to offer - presenting it here at OliveOilSpa.com Club.

Beauty treatment here at OliveOilSpa.com means a healthy life style which honours the natural ingredients given to us in abundance from nature in body and spirit!

We at OliveOilSpa.com will provide you with information regarding accommodation, restaurants, competitions and of course keep you updated about any unique offers for our special products.
Our foundation is pure extra virgin olive oil!


With passion, every day we seek for the highest quality, among the most distinguished cosmetic brands. Our concept ensures respect of the environment and maintaining high standards of OliveOilSpa collection.